Tax Deduction

Haul Away Recycling, Inc. prepares and transports all tax-deductible used building materials and fixtures to Habitat for Humanity and/or Resource 2000. Both are private nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporations, thus materials donated are considered a tax-deductible donation.


Items donated to the nonprofit are tax deductible under the following guidelines:

Donation less than $500: The nonprofit will provide an itemized donation receipt along with a blank copy of Form 8283, with instructions, upon request at or before the time of delivery of materials. They do not provide a valuation of the materials and are not required to sign Form 8283.

Donations from $500 to $5000: Generally, for donations of "non-cash gifts" which exceed $500, the donor must fill out IRS Form 8283 (provided by nonprofit), and submit that form to the appropriate nonprofit, along with the itemized donation receipt. Donors must value their own items. The nonprofit must sign section B, part IV and then return the form to the donor.

Donations exceeding $5000: Generally, donations in excess of $5000 must have a written appraisal by a certified appraiser. The nonprofit will provide a materials inventory and work with an appraiser to value donated materials. This process takes 3-4 weeks from time of donation and will be mailed to the donor. The donor must fill out IRS Form 8283, and submit it for the appraiser to sign section B, part III, and the nonprofit to sign section 6, part IV.

This information is provided for general purposes only; it is the donors responsibility to know and follow all relevant tax laws and requirements.